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Food Procurement

Principals of EDS led the largest food storage and distribution operation in Central Asia. We utilize global best practices in all aspects of our business, from procurement to storage to the very last mile of delivery.


Experienced with routinely handling thousands of SKU's from hundreds of suppliers located worldwide, both source-loading and consolidated-warehouse loading


High-value, perishable shipments require the most reliable providers.  Our team has handled & destuffed over 20,000 containers.  We know quality.


It is essential for a large-scale warehouse to have processes in place for receipting, storing, stock keeping and loading product.  We have the best-practice knowledge for all these aspects, including utilisation of the latest climate controlled technologies to manage the storage of perishable product.

Business Intelligence

The supply chain fitness of an organization requires extensive BI.  Demand forecasting, what-if scenarios and visualizing on dashboards is key, and we do it well.


Distribution requires expertise from the planning of efficient loads, to understanding how to ensure food safety while in-transit.  Experts in load configuration, you can be confident our algorithmic approach will achieve the maximum cost efficiency for your shipment

Controlled Atmosphere

How do you store apples for six months  and maintain freshness?  Controlled atmosphere storage is the future of food security and EDS has extensive experience developing and implementing solutions in Central Asia putting it at the forefront of this expanding market.

“EDS has consistently been able to export our heirloom and wild grown whole food from Uzbekistan to the US and Europe. Their service is exemplary, and we've come to rely on them as our trusted logistics partner.”

Raffi Vartanian, CEO

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