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Our Story

EDS F.Z.C. (EDS), is a U.A.E. based company founded in 2016.


The founders of EDS are former Directors of Procurement, Business Development, Aviation, and Business Intelligence for one of the largest defense contractors in the world.  All of the founders were longstanding employees, critical to the development, implementation, and operation of all the systems and procedures to manage multi-billion dollar contracts.  We created world-class procurement, inventory, and logistics management systems designed to meet the unique challenges of operating in these harsh, underdeveloped environments of Central Asia.

Central Asian countries have started to thrive in the last several years, and many analysts are forecasting the increasingly important role the countries will play in future worldwide food supply.  The founders of EDS saw an opportunity to leverage their vast regional knowledge, connections and food-supply skillsets to offer companies a no-nonsense, western-style provider.

Core Values

We operate according to a core set of principles. Our company's character and values have been shaped in large part by these guiding principles. They are the basis for our actions.

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